Cindy Andrews Buchanan

Cindy graduated from the Joyful School of Yoga 200 hr. teacher training program in August of 2016. Through this all inclusive training she was introduced to the extensive and rewarding benefits of the Restorative Yoga practice. She then went on to study Restorative Yoga under the direction of Joy and graduated from The Restorative Yoga Training program in February of 2017. Since then, Cindy has taught gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga through private sessions, within Montessori schools, and at local dance and yoga studios. She is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to share the practice within the same walls that nurtured her along this life altering path, with all of the other glorious souls that attend the Om Joyful studio.

Cindy’s prior life experience included graduating as a dance major from the Boston Conservatory followed by many years as a performer and a dance teacher. She uses this prior knowledge of body mechanics and movement to constantly inform her yoga practice. She is also a wife and the mother to two amazing boys that keep her inner child alive and allow for her heart’s fullest expression.

Constantly grateful and always learning, she is on the journey of a lifetime, to the state of bliss that is the soul.