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Joy Michelle - Om Joyful Yoga :
Joy Michelle

Joy has been immersed in practicing and sharing Yoga for 25 years. The Om Joyful Yoga Sanctuary came to life 8 magical years ago, and it has been an amazing portal of healing for all who have walked through the doors. Joy incorporates many “styles” of Yoga into her eclectic classes, with emphasis on the maha bhutas (the great elements) Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, which contain the essence of life from the cosmic to the microcosmic, as well as the great eight directions in which we have the ability to move freely. Joy is a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, a student and teacher of comparative mythologies. We are all alive and animated inside a living field of intelligence that expresses itself through the elements. “We work to go in” , Joy reminds her students continuously everything is energy and we are each composed of energy. Through the practice of postures, breathing, mudras, mantras, we receive the ability to viscerally connect to our center, the womb, the depths of our being. This creates a ritualistic cleansing, a new found freedom of love and acceptance for thy self and others.

Joy is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher and is also certified from the Kundalini Research Institute. She has been facilitating 200 and 300 Teacher Trainings for 15 years, and hosts Spiritual retreats all over the world. With a Masters in Metaphysics and extensive studies in Quantum physics she has a thirst for knowledge and loves to share her findings with others. Her first love was Ashtanga, which has been the fundamental base of her teachings. As an open minded free thinker, a bit of a rebel, she inspires people to go beyond the confines of their limited beliefs, from a limited way of thinking, to an unlimited state of being. Holding that space for others has been a sacred gift in her lifes work. Be free, just be.

“A true teacher doesn’t try to teach, they allow what is inside to flow and inspire others into their own greatness”.
Let us be reminded, There is only Love.