Om Joyful Yoga + Wellness Studio first opened its doors in Copper City, FL in 2013. Our mission is to bridge the health of mind and body for integrated transformation through education and movement. We are a passionate and committed team of yoga teachers and health professionals who empower the student to activate their inner resources to achieve optimal well-being. All of our teachers are certified and have completed extensive training in yoga asana, wellness, and philosophy.

We thrive on community, and support the growth of the individual as well as the collective through specialized offerings such as Yoga Therapy, Somatic Yoga, and unique workshops in partnership with acupuncturists, nutritionists, and sound healers.
We also offer customized treatment plans to target challenging areas in your life, from pain management to emotional distress. Healing Happens Here at Om Joyful Yoga! We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle – mind, body, and spirit!

Strong Flow (Vinyasa)

An invigorating Vinyasa class for the experienced Yogi that will create space, focus, a little heat and a lot of depth. You will increase your overall strength, flexibility and coordination through the flow of breath, movement and isolated holds. While modifications are offered, less instruction on fundamentals is shared.

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Yoga Flow (Hatha)

A class open to all levels. Reduce stress and find peace within the movement and postures. This soft flow allows for breath and movement to align in deep strengthening and stretching postures. Modifications are offered to encourage each person to challenge themselves in a safe and preventative way. Breathwork and meditation are included in each class to connect deeper within the self and receive maximum benefits from the practice.

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Deep Stretch (Yin)

This class is a blend of movement and stillness. You will be guided through a series of postures to create better circulation through the pathways and warmth in the muscles of the body. Postures are typically held for 2 to 4 minutes each, improving the flow of prana or life force energy within the body. This practice is known to improve flexibility and joint mobility. You will be left in a calm state after the class, having balanced your mind and body in a gentle and relaxing way.

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Restorative Flow + Sound Healing

A restorative flow begins with a gentle and slow flow to open up the body followed by long, passive holds in a series of poses. Yogis are often supported by props to enhance or deepen their experience and achieve a state of total relaxation and release followed by a live sound healing session.

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Yoga Basic Fundamentals

These classes are for beginners and everyone who is interested in reviewing the essential elements of a yoga practice. These classes focus on the shapes of the postures, principles of alignment, utilizing the breath, lines of energy, and the language of the practice.

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Meditation + Breathwork

Breathwork is a form of active meditation utilizing breathing techniques. The  International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) defines the practice as, “a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation.”

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Lydia Lizano

Lydia (RYT 500) began her exploration with yoga over seven years ago and completed her (RYT 200) teacher training in November 2013 as well as her (RYT 500) advanced teacher training in July 2016, both at the Om Joyful School of Yoga.

She is also a graduate of the Yoga. Psyche. Soul, Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training and is integrating her background in Psychology with the healing practices of Yoga to help her students find internal transformation. Lydia’s practice is informed by the idea that yoga is not just what we do on our mats, but the way we live our lives. She believes that we are all life-long students and continue to pursue an education in yoga and the healing arts.

This ongoing process of learning is what provides fresh insights that inspire her teaching. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes. Lydia’s teaching style is intuitive and nourishes the hidden strengths of her students while at the same time challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. In her classes, she uses a mixture of Yoga Psychology styles and breath work, allowing students to find Peace, Love, and Compassion as they grow both on and off the mat with the ultimate goal of living life to their fullest potential

Joanna Figueroa – Yoga Teacher

Joanna has been on a conscious healing journey over the past 4 years, she started with yoga and meditation which led her to exploring different healing modalities and tools such as journaling, sound healing, ayurveda, chakra energetics, vedic wisdom, lunar wisdom, breathwork, cacao, vision boarding and more. She became a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher in 2020 and has loved embodying her teacher archetype for two years. Her main practices are Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.

Earlier this year Joanna became a certified Dharma Coach, which has really propelled her into guiding others with her most authentic heart, she loves inspiring others to be their most authentic selves and to embody their true joy. She loves incorporating Dharma through her Vinyasa classes to bring out a balanced inner fire.

Joanna is happiest when she helps her students have breakthrough moments of integrations of the Koshas (physical, energetic, mind, intuition, bliss) when she teaches yoga, philosophy, and guides Dharma sessions.

She loves nature and its restorative powers, she has mindfully curated two retreats, one in Bacalar, Mexico in 2021, and one this year in the Smoky Mountains at Under Canvas. She also holds monthly Wisdom Circles and Moon Circles at beautiful parks for the community, and she is excited to share this energy at Om Joyful Yoga & Wellness Studio.

Lauren Mirones Sweet – Yoga Teacher

Lauren started her yoga journey in 2020 during quarantine, as online yoga brought her a much needed sense of peace and clarity through all the challenges and sudden change.

However she has been interested in meditation long before that; exploring that practice for years as well. Being a teenager, she finds yoga helps her with spiritual connection, physical health, anxiety relief, insomnia, and overall well being.

Laurens main goal is to share her knowledge, wisdom, and passion with her peers; all while maintaining and expanding her personal practice. Being a big traveler, huge ocean conservationist, and advanced certified scuba diver at 11 years old; she learned to cultivate courage and curiosity – which encouraged her to try new or different things in all aspects of life. She went as far to create a scuba club at her school, helping classmates experience what she had underwater.

She takes initiative in her passions, stopping at nothing to assert the importance of her values, and sharing them with those who may desire to explore similar interest. She is so grateful to have been led to Om Joyful Yoga Studio at such a young age. She has big dreams of sharing and gaining knowledge all around the world.

Lauren is a graduate of the Om Joyful School of Yoga where she completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training under Lydia Lizano.